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Fritz Park Joins Growing List of Places in Hutto, Texas to Offer Bicycle Parking


FritzParkBikeRack2016_TakenbyHuttoPARDOn Saturday, February 27 at 10am, Bike Hutto will be doing a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the new bike rack installed at Fritz Park by the Hutto Parks and Recreation Department.  Following the ribbon cutting, Bike Hutto will be leading a family-friendly bike ride along the Cottonwood Creek Trail.  All are welcome to attend the ribbon cutting, as well as the bike ride afterwards. (Facebook Event Listing: https://www.facebook.com/events/1555025381481292/)

Fritz Park is the largest park in Hutto and is located at 400 Park Street. This will be the park’s first bike rack and will get added to the other amenities that Fritz Park has to offer such as a pavilion, picnic sites, playscape, reflection pond, sports amenities, and trail.  The entire park will be undergoing a series of improvements and renovations in 2016 to better serve the Hutto community.

Bike Hutto director, Jessica Romigh is very happy about the addition to Fritz Park, especially since it comes so soon after the new Creekside Park bike rack that was celebrated in January of this year. “The City of Hutto Parks and Recreation Department are really doing their part to help make Hutto’s parks more bicycle friendly!”

Bike racks play an important role in the lives of both the recreational and the commuting bicyclist. By providing a safe place to be able to secure their property, anyone riding a bike at any age can be encouraged to travel to that location. Bike racks also help to eliminate the clutter, hazards, and tree damage that comes from haphazard bicycle parking.

A bike parking needs assessment will be done by Bike Hutto in 2016 to determine other areas within Hutto, Texas in which bike racks would be beneficial. The assessment will consider potential locations for future bike racks, as well as the quantity and type of bike parking needed. Each potential location will then be prioritized based on current and future bike traffic, cost, and overall feasibility.

Bike Hutto is a non-profit bicycling advocacy organization located in Hutto, Texas. Their mission is to encourage and foster a community environment within Hutto in which bicyclists of all ages can socialize, receive safety education, and voice their needs for building better bicycle friendly infrastructure.  Bike Hutto values the importance of creating a bicycle friendly community within the City of Hutto focusing on the benefits (Transportation, Health, Economics, Recreation, and Environment) that bicycling provides.

Share The Trail


Using trails can be a lot of fun! Whether it be the Cottonwood Creek and Hutto Lake Park Trails here in Hutto, or exploring another park, trails are a great way to get outside and get moving! But it’s important not to forget trail etiquette. Trail etiquette keeps the trails more safe and enjoyable for all to use.

Rails to Trails Conservancy has created a wonderful SHARE THE TRAIL campaign with six tips to keep in mind when using the trails!  Below are the tips. Go to their SHARE THE TRAIL page for even more great information! And while you’re at it, TAKE THE PLEDGE to share the trails!

1_Use Safe Speeds

Using safe speeds ensures that all trail users feel comfortable and safe. Having a speed demon fly by on the trail can be unsettling. Be respectful by keeping your speed in check and considering the comfort of others, regardless of your training or time schedule—or need for speed.


Just like driving on the road, slower traffic should stay to the right. When passing, use a bell or quick verbal warning to alert slower traffic to stay in their lane, potentially averting a collision. A friendly heads-up also helps to avoid startling your fellow trail users.


By standing aside, you are enabling others to use the corridor freely without having to weave around static users or make sudden stops. It’s also courteous and shows respect for your fellow trail enthusiasts.


Not all trail users know how to act around pets, and vice versa. Pets should be under control at all times to reduce uncomfortable run-ins and eliminate collisions with others.


Being alert and predictable allows other trail users to calculate what you’re going to do and act accordingly. And by staying alert, you’re showing others that you respect their trail journey, too.


Knowing the rules of your local trail enables you to act in a manner in accordance with everyone else. Being predictable is important; if you’re following the guidelines that everyone else is following, too—everyone’s trail experience will be safer and more enjoyable.

Bike Hutto Adopts Creekside Park

Adopt a Spot Hutto

Bike Hutto is very excited to announce its adoption of Creekside Park as part of the City of Hutto’s Adopt A Spot program!  This is a wonderful service opportunity for our organization to give back to Hutto as part of our Circle of Giving and help beautify a park that is part of Hutto’s Cottonwood Creek Trail system.

Per the City of Hutto: “The Adopt-A-Spot program is a new way for residents to take care of Hutto. Groups can “adopt” different city roadways, parks, and other areas around town by organizing trash clean ups, landscaping, and other ways to keep Hutto looking good.”

Creekside Park is located at 305 Orchard Way, along the Cottonwood Creek Trail.  The park contains two playscapes, practice fields, picnic tables, grills, and bathrooms. We will be organizing cleanup and landscaping events at least four times a year and welcome any community member to join us.

Our first two cleanup days have been scheduled.  The first will be on March 7th as part of Hutto’s Parks and Recreation Department’s Arbor Day event.  We will be picking up litter and planting trees at the park from 8am-12pm.   The second cleanup day will be April 11th as part of Hutto’s BIG EVENT Trash-off.  Times and details will follow.

This is great opportunity for all involved with Bike Hutto to take a special interest in the beautification of a park that we bike through when using the City’s trail system.

First Event For Bike Hutto!



Bike Hutto will be holding its first event, a social ride and picnic, on Saturday, February 7th.  Bicyclists in the community will be meeting at Hutto’s Fritz Park at 12:00pm (by the hippos of course) for this family-friendly event.

A “Bring Your Own Lunch” picnic will start things off.  Over lunch, future plans and ideas will be discussed.

After lunch,  attendees will ride down the Cottonwood Creek Trail to Nadine Johnson Elementary School and the back to Fritz Park.

For those who would like a longer ride, they can plot out an extended ride to do on the country roads in the afternoon after our trail ride.

The Bike Hutto Social Ride is a great way to showcase (and perhaps introduce to some) Hutto’s Cottonwood Creek Trail, as well as get feedback and ideas as members share what they would like to see Bike Hutto become!  We will also be doing a group activity “selfie” as part of the HEB Community Challenge.

If you are interested in biking and being a part of Bike Hutto, this is the perfect introductory event to attend!

RSVP for the social ride here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1537656799852271/