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Community of Cyclists Profile: Amber Townsley




Amber Townsley
“Riding a bike is a therapeutic experience for me. My time on the bike is both relaxing and motivating. Some of my best ideas have come from a bike ride!”
1. What is your occupation?
I manage the Continuing Competence Approval Program at the Texas Physical Therapy Association 
2. Use 3 words to describe who you are?
Wife, Dog Lover, Fitness Enthusiast
3. How long have you been riding a bike?
6 years
4. Do you ride for recreation, transportation, or both?
Recreation mostly, but constantly looking for way to ride for transportation
5. What do you enjoy most about cycling?
Riding a bike is a therapeutic experience for me. My time on the bike is both relaxing and motivating. Some of my best ideas have come from a bike ride!
6. What would you love to see for bicyclists in Hutto?
I would love to see more bike friendly roads and trails connecting Hutto to the surrounding cities such as Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville, and even Austin! If there was a safe route that would take me from Hutto to Austin by Bike I would use it everyday. 
7. Anything more to add? 
I love the way cycling brings people together. It is such a fun sport for all ages and fitness levels and the health benefits are endless. I have never come across anyone in a bad mood after a bike ride and that’s part of why I love to share my excitement for cycling with everyone I can. 
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The Community of Cyclists Campaign is an effort by Bike Hutto to show the wide variety of people in Hutto that bike.  The campaign will promote the fact that there is no one “type” of person who rides a bicycle.  They are our friends, our neighbors, our students, and our colleagues.  It is always best to put a face to the name, whether you’re talking about bike safety, future bike infrastructure, or social events.  Hutto is about community.

Bike Hutto Ranked Top Ten Texas Teams in 2015 National Bike Challenge


The National Bike Challenge is a nationwide event uniting thousands of current bicyclists—and encouraging countless new riders. In its simplest form it is a logging center for users to record miles ridden and be part of the national community of bicyclists. It is a free and easy way to challenge yourself, colleagues and the greater community to ride more. Users compete on a local, state and national level.  This program is a successful partnership between People For Bikes and Kimberly-Clark’s Scott Natural Brand.  The Challenge, which ran from May 1 to September 30th, united 92,352 riders pedaling over 37 million miles in the five month period.

Within the National Bike Challenge individuals compete and there is also the opportunity to form teams and have local challenges as well. Bike Hutto participated as a team for the first time ever in 2015. It had 23 active bicyclists and was part of the Bike Austin Local Challenge. The Bike Austin Local Challenge encompassed 16 communities and 26 teams throughout the Central Texas region. The Bike Hutto Team ranked number one within Central Teas. Hutto was second only to Austin amongst those 16 communities.  Bike Hutto also faired very well within the state of Texas. The team ranked 9th out of 104 teams participating in Texas.

Individuals are awarded at different levels of the challenge based on points and mileage. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels can be achieved.  Four Bike Hutto riders (Leigh Ann Ganzar, James Jumonville, Brian Grubbs, and Camille Baptiste) were awarded Platinum Status based on having over 2,500 points. Eighteen of the participating riders reached at least one award level during the challenge.

“We are very proud of what Bike Hutto accomplished its first year competing in the Bike Challenge,” says Bike Hutto Director, Jessica Romigh. “With that, we are already looking at ways to do even better next year! No reason we can’t go from the top ten to the top five in Texas!”

In addition to the National Bike Challenge being a fun way to encourage bicycling throughout the summer months, there is also an opportunity to gather data such as recreation verses transportation miles.  Bike Hutto will be utilizing this data in the coming months as it addresses infrastructure and programming needs for bicyclists in the Hutto, Texas area.

Bike Hutto’s mission is to encourage and foster a community environment within Hutto in which bicyclists of all ages can socialize, receive safety education, and voice their needs for building better bicycle friendly infrastructure.  Bike Hutto values the importance of creating a bicycle friendly community within the City of Hutto focusing on the benefits (Transportation, Health, Economics, Recreation, and Environment) that bicycling provides.