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Community of Cyclists Profile: Ben Block

Hello My Name Is_Ben


Ben Profile ImageBen Block 
“Hutto needs a bike shop.”
1. What is your occupation?
Manager at Baked and Sconed
2. Use 3 words to describe who you are?
Cyclist, Artist, Dad
3. How long have you been riding a bike?
22 years
4. Do you ride for recreation, transportation, or both?
5. What do you enjoy most about cycling?
No traffic & It’s quiet.
6. What would you love to see for bicyclists in Hutto?
A bike shop
7. Anything more to add? 
If you need bike repairs or refurbishment/ maintenance call  956 545 1918
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The Community of Cyclists Campaign is an effort by Bike Hutto to show the wide variety of people in Hutto that bike.  The campaign will promote the fact that there is no one “type” of person who rides a bicycle.  They are our friends, our neighbors, our students, and our colleagues.  It is always best to put a face to the name, whether you’re talking about bike safety, future bike infrastructure, or social events.  Hutto is about community.

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