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Do You Wave?

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I grew up in small to medium size towns in the Midwest.  And now I live in a wonderful small town here in Texas.

Growing up, everyone waved.  Everyone waved to everyone else, whether you be in your car, walking, or biking.  I would watch my parents wave with one hand as we went through neighborhoods.  It was a courtesy and sign of respect.  One human being acknowledging another.

Hutto is a very friendly community but something has happened over the last several decades all over the country.  People have become less aware of other people.  I still wave, but now only about half (sometimes less than that) wave back.

Waving is actually more than just a nice pleasantry.  It is a way of saying to the other driver, walker, bicyclist, etc. that “Hello, I see you there.”  Accidents of all kinds happen more often than not when someone doesn’t see another person or object.

A couple of gentlemen in Austin have started a campaign called WAVE.  It’s a call for social action and it’s a simple one.  Simply wave — acknowledge fellow people on the road.  Here is their statement:

“Cyclist. Motorist. Both People. Both going places. But at some point we made up a story about how different we all are. It’s time we restore some common courtesy to life’s highway. We suggest applying something simple and universal — a wave. See if it doesn’t make your day flow a little smoother.”

Check out their video below.  Ask yourself when the last time you waved to someone (that you didn’t know) as you were driving through your neighborhood or someone else’s.  We could all use a little more waving in the world.  Do you wave?

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