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Join the I Bike, I Vote Movement



Even when you ride alone, you’re part of something bigger. Every time you get on your bike you make your community — your country — better.

Bikes bring us together, uniting us across political lines for a common bipartisan goal: Building a bicycle friendly America for everyone. Whether or not you bike to your polling place on election day, you are a citizen cyclist — and your values for safer streets makes a difference no matter who’s on the ballot.

So declare yourself. Tell your friends, your family, leaders in your community and beyond: I Bike, I Vote.

While bicycling is on the rise, riding isn’t a comfortable or convenient option for many Americans. Together, we can change that. Together, we are a movement of millions — a constituency that can’t be ignored. When we bike and we vote, we advance our vision for safer, healthier, more connected communities.

With staff on Capitol Hill and thousands of individual and organizational members at the local and state level, the League has the pulse of bike advocacy nationwide. But we need YOU to make a difference. We need YOU stand up and say I Bike, I Vote, when it’s time to mobilize for policies or funding that make biking better.

Let’s do this together: Join the I Bike, I Vote movement today.

–Post brought to you and worded by the League of American Bicyclists 

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