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Welcome to Bike Hutto!

My husband and I having fun with Henrietta the Hippo!

My husband and I having fun with Henrietta the Hippo!

What are you still waiting for, go immediately to thai flower slot online now is the time to start playing and winning! Hi!  I’m Jessica Romigh, a cyclist and proud resident of Hutto, TX!  Hutto is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas going from a population of 1,250 in 2000 to over 22,000 in 2014.  With growth comes opportunity!  We have an opportunity to have bicyclists come together and help shape a city that will be friendly, safe, and accommodating to bike riders, whether they ride for recreation, transportation, or both.

Bike Hutto will have three areas of focus! 

1. Social:  There will be planned rides and events throughout the year! Spoiler Alert: We are already working on a Painted Hippo Scavenger Hunt Ride for 2015!  We will also share rides and events going on throughout the Central Texas area.

2. Education: Bicycling Safety is important for both children and adults. Tips on helmets, signaling, and more will be shared.

3. Advocacy: We hope to encourage dialogue between cyclists and the city, sharing what is needed to grow a vibrant and active biking community in Hutto.  Information about advocacy going on at state and national levels will also be conveyed.

Membership at this time is free!  The important thing is to come together as a community and get involved!!

Looking forward to the ride ahead!

Jessica  #bikehutto

Brushy Creek Bridge

Brushy Creek Bridge

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